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Gravity Globe

Gravity Globe

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Gravity Globe

An elegant, modern and futuristic addition to your home!

By adding a floating globe lamp to your home, it is sure to attract the attention of all your guests and can be a great conversation starter!High-quality magnets allow the globe to levitate and rotate, and LED bulbs illuminate it day and night. 

Magnetic levitation
Using magnets with opposite poles located directly and precisely in the upper and lower parts of the ball, we can achieve a state of levitation when it rotates 360 degrees at a stable speed. The magical feeling of the globe will make any area you decide to place much more interesting for you and your guests.

So that you can still enjoy your globe at night, four LED light bulbs point directly at the rotating globe. These LEDs also have RGB color to glow with multiple colors, not just white light. 

Levitation. Thanks to high-quality magnets, the globe is suspended in the air and rotates three hundred and sixty degrees at a constant speed.

Light. Thanks to four LED bulbs, the globe is always illuminated and visible even at night. With RGB, LEDs, you won't be limited to just white light.

Decoration. Thanks to the unique design of the lamp, it is ideal for starting a conversation and is interesting for having fun on your own or with your guests.

Modern design. Thanks to its elegant modern design, it is sure to make any room you decide to equip more modern and modern.

Technical specifications:

Style C:
Color: Blue, Gold
Format: with/without light
Specification: US/UK plug/Australia/EU
Frame material: ABS plastic + acrylic
Size: about 17 x 17 cm
Globe size: diameter 85 mm

The package includes:
1 x Globe
1 x C-shaped Base
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Manual

Style About:
Material: ABS
Color: Gold, Black, Blue
Format: EU/US plug/Great Britain/Australia
Size: 17*17cm
Globe size: diameter 8.5cm
Light: LED lights

The package includes:
1 x Globe
1 x O-shaped Base
1 x Power Adapter

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