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Grove GMK 5250L mobile crane

Grove GMK 5250L mobile crane

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Grove GMK 5250L mobile crane


 .All body work reference Grove GMK5250L,and the hood can disassemble from chassis.

 .Easy to separate chassis and superstructure

 .Drive: 1 XL motor, steering: 1 M motor, 4 axles steered, outrigger extension: 1 M motor, outrigger Lift: 1 L motor

 .Can separate to superstructure, boom, cabin, counterweight(with battery box)

 .3 stage boom telescope extend and retract by string line

 .3 stage boom telescope can extend and retract in any angle

 .Brick actuator work with string line

 .The boom max angle is 82 degree (like the real crane)

 .The counterweight is detachable

 .Additional manual function: cabin lift

 .Boom Luff: 1 L motor, boom Telescope: 1 L motor, winch: 1 M motor,slew: 1 M motor

 .The building blocks set is composed of high-quality particles for excellent hand feel, coordination and experience, either too loose or too tight. A portable electronic USB flash disk manual is provided, which allows easy assembling in line with the instructions. For any questions during the assembly process, please contact us in time.

 .Suitable for 10+ years old. The versatile product with various assembly methods and rich components is challenging and time-consuming to assemble as lots of particles are included, but it improves your moc skills. Compatible with other building blocks brands.

 .Material: ABS
 .Scale: 1:20
 .Max. Unfolded Height of the Big Arm: 170cm
 .Remote Control Distance: 30-50 meters
 .Includes 4190 parts + 8 motors + 2 battery compartments + 4 remote controls + USB flash disk manual + disassembly tools
 .Product Dimensions: 70 x 15 x 20cm
 .Product Weight: 4700g
 .Package Dimensions: 35.8 x 26 x 13.6cm
 .Package Weight: 4800g
Attention: Our products are delivered without the original box (new in sealed packaging), so you can save time and money on delivery

Packing list:
.Building Blocks Set * 1
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