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Internal combustion engine model V8

Internal combustion engine model V8

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Internal combustion engine model V8


The basic design of the V8 internal combustion engine, the drive design of the belt wheel winding, the generator, the air conditioner compressor, the steering pump, the water pump, the full output flywheel and the multilayer cylinder head, the cylinder head cover, the spiral intake manifold of the near and far valves, the design of the oil pan and the interface for connecting the power supply drive board.

Model KIT:
The user needs to assemble the model himself. The V8 engine model can simulate operation. 

The simulated V8 engine is suitable for various RC models such as AX90104, SCX10, Capra, VS4-10 Pro/Ultra. Installing this engine will make your remote-controlled car unique and powerful, but it is also a great decoration to demonstrate the ability to assemble and rebuild a V8 engine.

The Council:
This motor kit does not contain a bracket, you can choose the appropriate motor bracket according to your model. The engine and bracket are sold separately.

Technical specifications:
Material: Plastic + Metal + Electronic Components
Product weight: 700 g
Package dimensions: 20 x 20 x 15 cm
Package Weight: 900g
Packaging: Graphic box

Package Content:
1 - Set Of V8 Engine Model Kit

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