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Liebherr LR11000 Crawler Crane

Liebherr LR11000 Crawler Crane

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Liebherr LR11000 Crawler Crane 
Package:No original packing box
Instruction:PDF (sent by email)

Part Count: 3846 PCS+
Length: 180 cm = 70.9 inches
Width : 25 cm = 9.8 inches
Height: 200 cm = 78.7 inches
Weight: 5 kg

- Crane is about 2 meter high
- weights 5 kg
- requires at least 5 big battery boxes for been fully operated
- has 10 PF motors (4 are in the chassis)
- Has 9 pneumatic cylinders + a pump
- Has a full-size V6 diesel fake engine like the real crane
- Has 6 winches, 3 of them are installed to the boom like in the real crane, but none of the motors are on the booms.
- Crane is able to assemble and disassemble back from horizontal to working condition without any human help.
- Has 4 pneumatic features, three of them are operated from the cabin, two of them are operated from the operators work seat
- Total 52 meter of the string cord:
- 426 cm of pneumatic hose

- Driving and steering
- one XL motor per each track. Torque increased 1:25
- Slewing by 2 M motors
- L Motor for SA Frame winch
- L Motor for the Main boom winch
- M motor for the luffing jib winch
- M motor for the secondary hook winch
- L motor for the main hook winches
- Pneumatically adjustable operators cabin
- Pneumatically adjustable derrick counterweight horizontally
- Pneumatically adjustable derrick counterweight vertically
- Pneumatically rising chassis for (dis)assemble.
- L motor for the pump and V6 engine
- 3 Pair of lights:
Front LED / Cab LED / Main winches LED

About version
Non Electric: No PF or pneumatic parts.

Electric: With PF and pneumatic parts.

PF(Power function): Battery/Motor/Remote Control /Receiver/LED Light and so on.

3 Sbricks are replaced by these lithium batteries.
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