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Low-temperature Stirling engine

Low-temperature Stirling engine

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Low-temperature Stirling engine 

 ★ EASY OPERATION: Install this motor over a mug of boiling water; wait 20 seconds; turn the flywheels smoothly; it will smoothly run quietly and slowly for about 20-30 minutes. The power piston moves with faint sounds when the flywheels rotate, which are even quieter than the ticking of your watch. This model needs a relatively high operating differential between the two panels (we will explain why in the description), so the use of BOILING WATER as a heat source is mandatory.

★ UNIQUE AND ELEGANT:The double flywheels are completely symmetrical on both sides of the beautifully curved lever and rotate simultaneously when you turn them slightly. Hollow details carved in the shape of a flower greatly beautify its appearance. 4 aluminum alloy legs and 4 gold fasteners on the top panel really give this silver engine a more attractive look. Special anodizing treatment guarantees the radiance of this engine for many years. It will be a great decoration for your desktop.

★ ENGINE WITH THE BEST PRODUCTS AND MATERIALS: The main parts made of bearing steel have an accuracy of up to 0.002 mm. The ultra-high hardness alloy with high dimensional accuracy allows these parts to be wear-resistant and smoothly interact with each other. The curved rod has high hardness after heat treatment, high stability to hold 2 aluminum alloy flywheels in the correct position.

★ WIDE APPLICATIONS: It will be a great conversation starter for everyone around you; a cool desktop thing that will surprise your friends and colleagues; a great gadget to kill time when bored; a relaxing physical stress relief toy for people in the office; an impressive gift for your families, friends, especially for engineering/physics lovers. It can be used for teaching physics, great for demonstrating the basic principles of the Stirling engine and demonstrating the art of design.

★ A FANTASTIC GIFT FOR EVERYONE: If you are always stuck in a choice that prepares a unique gift for someone you love, this shining engine can be wonderful, impressive to them, gorgeous and funny. Especially for those who have had a Stirling engine before, you should try this one and I think you won't regret it.


The operating temperature difference of this engine is about 40-50°C/72-90°F, which is much higher compared to our other engines. The main reason is that we use a power piston made of bearing steel, not glass! The weight of the power piston is about 26.5 g / 0.93 oz, and the weight of the glass piston is about 6.5 g / 0.23 oz.

To play this engine, just pour boiling water into your mug, wait 20 seconds, then lightly press the flywheel, after which it will rotate itself for 20-30 minutes. I do not know what you will do with the engine, for me, every morning when I come to my office, making sure that my boss is not somewhere nearby, I put my engine on a mug and watch it spin for a while.

 It is an engine that will accompany you or those you love for many years to come. If it's a gift, then he will think about you every morning :-)

There is no need to lubricate any parts to make it work faster. The best material with the best workmanship ensures its durability. This is an engine that has been running in good condition for many years without lubrication.

Speed: 40-120 rpm
Operating temperature differences: about 72-90 °F
Material: aluminum, bearing steel, EVA foam and
polycarbonate. Dimensions: 4.13x4.13x5.55 inches (L/W/H)

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