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Luxury British SUV

Luxury British SUV

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Luxury British SUV

We present the first ever model made in satin-crimson color. Aggressive, sporty style for a luxury SUV.

Over the past few years, I've seen all the leading manufacturers of supercars produce sport utility vehicles. This car was "typically British," and they, of course, instead focused on a luxurious interior enclosed in a sophisticated, lush body. 

Our half-meter model perfectly conveys all the complex design details, including everything from sensual body curves to aggressive rear aerodynamics. All this is complemented by a detailed engine compartment, opening doors and trunk, as well as a fully remotely controlled transmission.

Dimensions: 49 cm x 14 cm x 25 cm

Main Features: 

- More than 3100 pieces
- Remote-controlled drive
- Remote-controlled steering
- Opening doors (all 4 doors)
- Opening trunk
- Opening hood 
- Detailed engine compartment
- Engine with rotating pistons
- Fully developed transmission
- Front and rear differentials
- Heavy duty suspension
- Massive iconic front grille
- Extremely detailed model (inside and outside)
- 4 interior seats
- Quad-core exhausts
- 1x steering servo motor
- 2 very large motors with high torque
- 1x rechargeable battery
- 1x remote control
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