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Military Armored Rescue Crane

Military Armored Rescue Crane

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Military Armored Rescue Crane 

The ultimate military rescue vehicle is fitted with a crane, heavy duty tow arm and pneumatic stabiliser legs. Its 6 wheel drive system and off road tires ensures all terrain capability while its heavy duty motors ensure you get the power you need!

At over 5500 parts this model offers one of the most intricate, engaging and seamless assembly experiences you'll ever come across. Once assembled the crane will reach up to 80cm high and the model's playability is second to none. 

Dimensions: 72cm x 22cm x 80cm

Key Features:
- 80cm Tall
- Over 5500pcs
- Fully Remote Controlled
- Remote Controlled Drive
- Remote Controlled Steering
- 6 Wheel Drive (Front Axle & 2 Rear Axles)
- Boom Extension
- Crane Raising/Lowering Crane Hook
- Rotating Crane Arm & Cabin
- Stabiliser Leg Deployment & Retraction, Fully Pneumatic
- Extending/Retracting Tow Arm
- 1x High Torque Extra Large Motor
- 3x High Torque Large Motors
- 2x High Torque Servo Motors
- 1x 6 Axis Rechargeable Battery Pack
- 1x Remote Control
- Opening Doors
- Detailed Cabin
- Controlled via Remote Control (included) or Phone App
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