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Mini Retro Single Cylinder Tractor

Mini Retro Single Cylinder Tractor

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Mini Retro Single Cylinder Tractor


. Retro Engine: An oil-powered tractor model powered by a mini horizontal single-cylinder water-cooled gasoline engine differs from other radio-controlled tractors in that it is carefully crafted from brass, stainless steel and aluminum alloy to create a retro, authentic and valuable collection.

. Equipped with an accelerator, clutch and three-speed gearbox, the car is able to move forward and backward, turn left and right, in neutral position, as well as using the brake and handbrake on the rear wheels.

. Designed with a water-cooled heat dissipation structure and a staggering 30ml capacity, the tank boasts control buoys to display the water level.

. The double flywheel on both sides of the engine eliminates the reaction at low rpm, which is provided by pulleys of various sizes.

. Complete with an oil belt for speed adjustment and an accelerator switch that can be connected to control the engine speed.

. Using gasoline as fuel, an engine with an ignition voltage of 4.5 V is ready to work with an electric drill, starting to turn into a small cruel beast-a tractor.

. This amazing mechanical product allows you to experience the charm of the engine while working, making a personal and high-class gift to friends, families and model lovers at major festivals.

Technical specifications:

. Material: Metal/Plastic
.Type: Ready to launch
.Vehicle dimensions: 265*161*173 mm
. Engine Dimensions: 115 * 90 * 80 mm
. Cylinder diameter: 13 mm
. Stroke: 14 mm
. Cooling Mode: External Water Cooling
.Start Mode: Electronic Drill Start
.Ignition method: Electronic ignition modules
. Spark Plug Type: ME8 spark plug with 1/4-32 thread
.Lubrication Method: Spray lubrication of Mixed Oil (Gasoline/ Engine Oil = 25/1)
. Fuel type: Gasoline. Type of Engine Oil: Engine oil 2T
.Starting Power: 4.5V (3 AA Batteries, Not Included)
. Product dimensions: 26.5 x 16.1 x 17.3 cm
. Product Weight: 2300g
.Package dimensions: 30 x 30 x 30 cm
. Package weight: 2500 g
. Packaging: Graphic box
.Age: 14+

The bill of lading.1*Vehicle
.1 * Accessory Bag
. 1 * Instructions
Mini Retro Single Cylinder TractorMini Retro Single Cylinder TractorMini Retro Single Cylinder TractorMini Retro Single Cylinder Tractor
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