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Miniature Stirling Engine V2

Miniature Stirling Engine V2

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Miniature Stirling Engine V2      


You can observe the whole process of engine power generation, intuitively understand the principle of steam power generation and deepen your interest in physics!
It has a wide range of uses, such as a great gift for children's science projects, teaching physics/mechanics, a teacher's demonstration props in the classroom, a birthday gift to friends, families, parents, children, etc.

The product has value as a collector's item


Easy operation: 95% alcohol should be used during operation (purchased independently). Dry air expands to generate energy. You cannot add water, kerosene, gasoline, lighter oil or alcoholic beverages to it.

Simple and convenient: it can be used as a decoration, as well as directly used for conducting an experiment, which is simple and convenient.

Durability: This engine is much larger than most Stirling engines you can find. It is mainly made of metal, so it is heavy and can work stably on the table.

Priority Gift Options: For many uses, this is an amazing and fantastic product at such a price. 


The engine model is moved to the horizontal position. 
Manually switch the flywheel to make sure it is smooth, if there is a strong feeling of raw binder, check the connecting rod is normal, whether there is oil and dust in the cylinder, use toilet paper to wipe them off. Switch the flywheel, feeling that the pressure rebound inside the cylinder body is normal, the cylinder is sealed.

A packing bag with a cotton alcohol lamp is put on a lamp with a metal cap.
Please go to the pharmacy to buy 95% pure alcohol, preferably anhydrous technical alcohol. 

Fill the alcohol lamp less than two-thirds full.
Light the alcohol lamp after about 2 minutes after that, scroll the flywheel until the flywheel starts working automatically, the entire heating process, do not touch with your hands.
LED lights can be connected directly to the output interface of the generator, 

Technical specifications: 

Material: Aluminum Alloy, Glass/ Metal
Color: Silver-gold
Size: 160x87x110 mm
What's in the package: 

1 SET X Stirling Motor Toy ┃


This engine is ideal for children over 12 years old.
Steam operation will occur, when there is too much steam, the engine will stop working, inside and outside the needle is often put aside to reduce friction
Do not turn the nut too tight, otherwise the glass will break, if the piston is cracked, it can be fixed with glue.
The wick of the alcohol lamp does not touch the glass, do not tighten the ring too tight
Pulling the connecting rod of the piston can not cause the force of the front end, because the front end is easy to break

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