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New radio-controlled large wheeled crane

New radio-controlled large wheeled crane

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Radio-controlled wheeled crane

This 2590 Piece alternative crane has 7 motors, 2 Bluetooth battery packs, and is fully operational.
6 wheel steering, boom up, down, out, in, along with 360 rotation and hook up and down all fully remote controlled.
Can be operated by the supplied remote or from the supplied app for your phone.

Motorized Outriggers - Including out/in and up/down
Motor with rotating pistons.
6 Wheel steering
360-degree crane swivel
Boom in, out, up down as well as hook up and down all operated by remote
7 Motors In Total
2 Heavy Duty Large Motors
1 Extra Heavy Duty Motor
4 Medium Duty Motors
2 2.4ghz Bluetooth Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Packs
Detailed Paper Instructions
55cm x 14cm x 90cm
This crane was one of the most technical builds we have done to date.
The build is almost entirely made of technic there are hardly any bricks at all. 
The amount of gears and shafts in this crane is so tightly packed you are not even sure what you are building until you are fully done with that step. 
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