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Off-road retro pickup Atlas 6x6

Off-road retro pickup Atlas 6x6

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Off-road retro pickup Atlas 6x6
Introducing the 1:18 Atlas 6x6 pickup truck - the perfect combination of modern chassis design and old-school style.
Despite its compact size, the Atlas 6x6 is a reliable wheeled vehicle with features that are commonly found on much larger vehicles.
A specially designed high-torque transmission transmits the torque of the 100T engine to all 6 wheels using a proven 6x6 drive system. Specially tuned spring shock absorbers allow the car to maneuver, while the chassis guides made of anodized aluminum maintain the rigidity of the chassis. Soft large-block tires on bidlocks provide the car with maximum grip with difficult terrain.
Do you see a puddle ahead? Move forward with confidence! Thanks to the waterproof case of the Atlas electronics, it can work in shallow water without sweating. The pre-installed AUX power port on the receiver makes it easy to install FPV systems or lighting fixtures.
Take an extra battery with you to the tool compartment located under the roll frame for a long adventure!
Don't miss the universal entertainment FMS 1:18 Atlas 6x6, which can be used anywhere!
Length: 296.5 mm
Width: 113.5 mm 
Height: 129 m
Ground clearance: 31.5 mm
Wheelbase: 155mm +60.5mm
Approach angle: 64°
Departure angle: 84°

1. True ladder frame truck chassis 
2. 6x6 all-wheel drive system
3. High Torque Transmission (FDL 104:1) 
4. Big block M/T tires with high grip 
5. 1.0-inch wheels for beadlock trucks 
6. Axes of true scale gear and ring gear 
7. Waterproof electronics 
8. Matt painted lexan case with transparent windows 
9. Front and rear LED lights 
10. Aluminum anodized chassis guides 
11. Functional spare tire and tool box 
12. 100T high torque motor 
13. Long working time (up to 30 minutes) 
14. Chassis-mounted servo with panhard rod
Off-road retro pickup Atlas 6x6Off-road retro pickup Atlas 6x6Off-road retro pickup Atlas 6x6Off-road retro pickup Atlas 6x6Off-road retro pickup Atlas 6x6

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