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Portable Tesla coil. Manual Artificial Zipper

Portable Tesla coil. Manual Artificial Zipper

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Portable Tesla coil. Manual Artificial Zipper

The kit includes a US plug, if you are from the EU or other countries, you need to prepare the adapter yourself.

Insert the DC plug, the charger indicator will turn green, indicating that it is fully charged, and the charger indicator will turn red, indicating that it is charging. At this time, the Tesla dashboard indicator will not display anything.


1. When the user uses the device for the first time, it may happen that the arc trigger switch is pressed and the arc fails, and the LED2 on the function panel can be observed, that is, the SRT indicator is off. If this happens, the user needs to turn off the power switch and turn it on again to bring the device out of the protection state until the FIRST indicator on the function panel lights up again.

2. After the FIRST indicator lights up again, the user needs to touch the discharge needle of the device, and then try to activate the arc trigger switch again to make it easier to start the device. This process can be repeated several times until the device is able to emit arcs normally. .

3. If the FIRST indicator light suddenly goes out during use, users can try to turn off the power switch and restart the device again to return to normal operation.

4. The device is powered by 3 18650 series lithium batteries, and the discharge cut-off voltage is 10.6 V. If the user notices that the voltmeter on the function panel shows 10.6 V, please charge the device in a timely manner!

Function and status of the LED indicator:

LED1: This is the power indicator.

LED2: This is a device failure status indicator, when the device fails, the indicator goes out.

LED3: Contour running light.

LED4: This is a pulse indicator, when the trigger switch is pressed, the indicator lights up.


The Tesla hand coil is a portable and portable device for generating artificial lightning. Its body is assembled by hand from completely transparent acrylic sheets; it is powered by a 12.6V 2200 mAh high-capacity lithium battery, which allows you to create beautiful pictures with a length of more than 13 cm. The number of artificial lightning discharges reaches 1,700 times, and they have good performance in terms of effect and battery life.

This device uses a single-start mode of the key type and does not have the function of automatically starting and playing music.

Usage Note

1. Please pay attention to the battery voltage display on the voltmeter during use. When 12.4V is displayed, it is fully charged;

2. When it shows about 10.5V, please be sure to use it after charging, otherwise it will cause direct damage to the battery.

Please read and strictly abide by the following items when using this product.

1. When using this product, do not discharge electricity at other person or animals.

2. Electric arc is one kind of high temperature plasma, which can ignite inflammable and explosive materials. Please do not use this product in oil depots, gas stations, warehouses and other occasions.

3. The electric isolation is also a very high voltage conductor. Do not discharge any electrical appliances (mobile phones, computers, household appliances, etc.) or bare wires. This will cause the electronic components in these appliances to be damagedor breakdown (damage like a lightning strike that cannot be repaired) .So, please do not use this product in places (computer rooms, electronic equipment rooms, airports, hospitals, etc.) with close electronic equipment.

4. This product will produce a certain amount of high-frequency electromagnetic current interference when it is working. People suffering from heart disease, epileptic neurosis, and people with implanted electronic devices (heart pacemakers, hearing aids, etc.) are prohibited from using this product, and stay away This product.

5. The product is prohibited to be used or bought by children who are below 12 years old, or other person who are lack of related knowledge .

Please be Attention:

When the user is playing the device please be care of the battery voltage display on the  voltmeter. 12.4V means the battery is full, but when the voltmeter display show the battery voltage is around 10.6V, please you must charge the deviceat once otherwise the battery will be damaged directly if you continue used it under the low battery voltage situation.

Special Note:

The frequency of the arc generated by this device is as high as 1.2Mhz. According to the skin effect of the high-frequency current of the laws of physics, the current of the arc will only spread on the surface of the skin, and you will only feel a slight tingling sensation when touched.


1. Product Name: Portable Tesla Coil
2. Category: Manual assembly 
3. Power supply: 12.6V 2200mA lithium battery
4. Charging: 12.6V 1A
5. Battery life: Up to 1700 times
6. Frequency: 1.1-1.3MHz
7. Size: 20x7.1x18cm
8. Arc: up to 13 cm
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