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PTC 200-DS Mammoet Ring Crane

PTC 200-DS Mammoet Ring Crane

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PTC 200-DS Mammoet Ring Crane

Mammoet Ring Cranes are the heavyweights that move deadlines forward. They optimize construction and turnaround projects by enabling more efficient approaches to lifting and installing components. They offer solutions when oversized and heavy objects have to be installed or upgrades need to be carried out in confined areas. Ring cranes answer a wide variety of today’s lifting challenges by combining lifting capacity - up to 5,000 tons - with a long reach, small footprint, flexible configuration and quick mobilization.

Remote Control: Yes
Part Count: 4930+PCS
Length: 68cm
Width: 68cm
Height: 210cm
Electric Power Functions:
L motor:4
XL Motor:4
4-Channel remote control set(control+battery+charging cable):2
Stickers: NO

The model is more suitable as a collector's item.

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