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Radio-controlled mobile crane LTM-1750

Radio-controlled mobile crane LTM-1750

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.Original independent design, product stability and performance are more powerful than similar models on the market, more modules operate independently, do not need to rely on complex transmission system, regardless of fault detection, remote control simulation degree and actual control, product performance with a qualitative improvement
.The product prototype is LTM1750-9.1, which is a 750-ton all-terrain crane. It was launched in 2012 with a lifting capacity between LTM1500 and 1200-ton LTM11200-9.1. With the entire hydraulic telescopic arm in the form of long distance highway
.Performance Introduction: The ratio is 1:20, the particles made of ABS, the body weight is 9kg, plus the weight of the weight is 11kg, the body size is 110 x 16 x 22cm, the maximum height of the three-section boom is 200cm
.Product Configuration: 7768 parts + 12 motors + 2 Bluetooth lithium batteries + 2 handle remote controllers + stickers + paper manual + disassembly tools; remote control distance is 30-50 meters; dual remote control design
.The use of high-quality particles, good feel, good coordination, but not too tight, good experience
.The product is equipped with paper manuals and assembled according to the steps of the manual. If you encounter problems during the assembly process, please contact us in time
.The product contains too many particles, and it takes a lot of time to assemble. It is also a very strong assembly model, which is extremely challenging. The product uses a lot of assembly methods, and it can also improve your MOC skills, and the parts are compatible with other building blocks, can achieve a multi-purpose purpose, the parts library is extremely rich.


.Color: As Shown  
.Material: ABS
.Product Dimensions: 110 x 16 x 22cm
.Product Weight: 9250g
.Package Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 16.5cm
.Package Weight: 9300g
.Packing: Graphic Carton
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