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Radio-controlled truck

Radio-controlled truck

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Radio-controlled truck

The Remote Controlled Cargo Truck is one of the largest, most complex models we've ever come across with over 4100 parts, 8 electric motors and more. Everything about this truck is remote controlled, from driving and opening the cabin to lifting the loading bay and opening the side loading panels. Even the lights can be turned on or off remotely. If you're looking for the largest remote controlled model available anywhere, you've found it. 

Dimensions: 71cm x 17cm x 25cm

Key Features:

Fully Remote Controlled driving (forward, backwards, left, right)
Remote Controlled loading bay
Remote Controlled cabin movement
Remote Controlled side loading panels
Opening cabin doors, rear doors and side loading bays
8 Electric Motors
4 Wheel Steering
2 Rear Differential
Building Instruction Booklet included in Parcel

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