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Remote-controlled fire truck

Remote-controlled fire truck

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Remote-controlled fire truck

The longest sliding ladder that has ever been installed on a model of this scale!

It's a fully remote-controlled version of the famous fire truck that roams most of our streets when an emergency occurs. Its functions, including the ladder, can be controlled remotely using the built-in electrical system.

Dimensions (without extended ladder): 70cm x 24cm x 21cm

Key Features:

- More than 3200 pcs.
- More than 3 kg after assembly
- 1x rechargeable battery
- 1x remote control
- 2 large electric motors with high torque
- 1x heavy duty high torque electric motor
- 1x electric servo motor
- Set of LEDs
- 4-wheel steering
- Stairs with remote control
- Remote steering
- Remote-controlled drive
- Differentials
- Extendable ladder with remote control
- 360 degree rotation of the ladder
- Opening doors
- Extension of stabilizer struts
- Opening of side hatches
- Opening side panels

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