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Rotating Ring Crane

Rotating Ring Crane

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Rotating Ring Crane

The constructor was developed on the basis of a real SGC-250 crane.
Technical specifications:
- In a set of 7170 pieces
Available versions with and without electric motors. Only building blocks do not contain electric motors. Customers who only buy building blocks usually buy building blocks only because they have electric motors. If they do not have engines, it is recommended to buy together with the engines.
-Construction: The model consists of a total of 7170 blocks and can be divided into 7 parts: crane rails, crane wheels and base, crane superstructure, crane subframe, crane main part, mast, crane boom, crane mast, hook.
Power function set:
2*L main mast motors up and down (2 motors together on receiver); 
1 * Engine L foremast up and down; 
2 * Motor L rotary assembly (2 motors together on the receiver); 
1* L Motor Pulley Hook; 
1*L Motor Triple hook with rope up/down.
String: there is a 15-meter 1 mm nylon hook with a triple reel, an 11-meter 1 mm thick nylon fishing line with a single reel, a 7-meter 1 mm thick nylon fishing line on the foremast, a 20-meter 1.5mm thick nylon fishing line from the mainmast from scratch.
Dimensions: mast 2100 mm + boom 1100 mm. Total 3200mm. Round rails 704 mm.
- Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic. Harmless to the health of the child.
- Compatible with all major brands

Possibility to choose a model with or without an engine

The model is more suitable as a collector's item.

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