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RС Hayes HDX - Large Volume Transport

RС Hayes HDX - Large Volume Transport

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Radio-controlled Hayes HDX - Large Volume Transport

Technical specifications:

The Hayes HDX is a logging truck useful for transporting large sections of materials. There are two options available, just the truck (front and back, which are carried together, or truck + big technic cylinder structure).
Large Volume Transport with Length of 1,95m
6x6x2 Powertrain with Differentials (Axles and Longitudinal)
The most stable Original Lego-Components are used for the Drive and Steering (Cardan, Differentials, Planetary Gears, symmetrical Transmission Structure)
All Axles Leaf Spring suspended (Tractor and Trailer)
2 Gears (Heavy Duty Gear, Normal Drive Gear)
In the Heavy Duty Gear, the Longitudinal Lock is automatically engaged
Diesel Sound generated mechanically (stepless from Idle to full Throttle)
Lifting Mechanism for picking up the Trailer (Stanchions are also moved)
7 Motors (2x XL for Drive, 1x Servo for Steering, 1x M for Idling, 2x M for Lifting Mechanism, 1x M for Gearshifting)
2x BuWizz for Remote Control
All Dimensions see below
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Radio-controlled Hayes HDX - Large Volume Transport

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