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Semi-tracked armored personnel carrier M3

Semi-tracked armored personnel carrier M3

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Semi-tracked armored personnel carrier M3

M3 is a semi—tracked armored personnel carrier of the USA during the Second World War.
It was created in 1940-1941 in parallel with the almost identical semi-tracked armored artillery tractor M2. Serial production of the M3 lasted from 1941 to 1944, a total of 26270 M3, M5 and M9 armored personnel carriers developed by International Harvester were produced, and not counting almost fifteen thousand special purpose vehicles based on them..
During the Second World War, M3 and vehicles based on it were supplied in significant quantities to the US allies under lend-lease, in the post-war period, a significant number of armored personnel carriers were sold to other countries. Although almost all countries that used the M3 have decommissioned it, as of 2007 some countries still have armored personnel carriers of this type in their armies

Technical specifications:
- There are 2512 pieces of building blocks in the set 
- Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic. Harmless to the child's health.
- Compatible with all major brands
The model is more suitable as a collector's item.

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