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Sentinel M7XG Razorback Assault Tank

Sentinel M7XG Razorback Assault Tank

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Sentinel M7XG Razorback Assault Tank

A brutal looking cyberpunk railgun tank. I was heavily inspired by Metal Gear Rising in the design
Weapons and systems:
- Heavy magnetic Phalanx trophy systems
- 20mm minigun with rotating turrent
-Anti-personal MRIV hurricane box rocket launchers
-Surface to air (STA) uranium guided quad rocket launcher
-140mm dual explosive railguns
-Coaxial HMG
-Hybrid manned/autonomous vehicle (and be manned or robot driven) 
-cloaking camouflage
-AI assisted targeting
-Neuro-cybernetic interface display HUD
-has a top speed of 110 mph

Technical specifications:
- Size: 2797 blocks 
- Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic. Harmless to the child's health
- Compatible with all major brands

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