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Soft pillow for pregnant women

Soft pillow for pregnant women

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Soft pillow for pregnant women

Multifunctional pillow for pregnant women
This is a pillow. We are pressed packaging. After you receive your package, tap, rub, and bask in the sun to restore the pillow to its full shape.

Maternity Pillow: An absolute must-have for pregnant and breastfeeding moms, these pillows provide luxurious comfort and superior support.
A good night's sleep: The full body pillow ensures a comfortable night's sleep throughout your pregnancy. Not only for pregnant women, but for everyone, adults or children who want to sleep better.
Full Body Support: Supports your entire body, great for back, neck, shoulder pain, pregnancy discomfort, restless sleep.
Multifunctional use: The body pillow is convenient to use for sleeping, reading, breastfeeding, watching TV, etc. Detachable design is suitable for back, side and tummy pillows.


Size: 116x65cm
Age range: Maternity
Removable and Washable: Yes
Weight: 1400g
Material: Velvet
Color: white/pink/blue/green/red/grey/purple/grey
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