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Stirling 16 cylinder engine

Stirling 16 cylinder engine

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Stirling 16 cylinder engine

A Stirling engine is a heat engine that operates by cyclic compression and expansion of air or other gas, a working fluid, at various temperature levels, so that there is a net conversion of thermal energy into mechanical work. An engine is similar to a steam engine in the sense that all the engine heat enters and exits through the engine wall.

- This is an external combustion engine in which fuel is burned continuously, and the piston moves due to the expansion of air as a medium, and the expansion gas is cooled in a cold chamber, and the cycle repeats. Only a small alcohol lamp, you can make it by fast rotation and strong power.
- The principle of the motor is intuitive, educational toys, educational experimental equipment can effectively develop children's interest in learning, can also be used for classroom teaching, more intuitive and understandable.
- This engine contains 8 hot cylinders and 8 cold cylinders, a total of 16 cylinders. It is fixed on a wooden base and equipped with a propeller in front

High quality: the body is made of aluminum alloy, the base is made of solid mahogany, the propeller is made of stainless steel, the hot cylinder is made of stainless steel

You need to prepare your own alcohol. Please go to the pharmacy to buy 95% pure alcohol. Fill the alcohol lamp less than two-thirds full. 

Ignition steps: first press the fuel tank button, then dial the upper valve, light up, wait about 30 seconds to heat up, turn the propeller to start, there is a knob on the position of the fuel tank to adjust the size of the firepower, it can control the speed. Finally, close the valve and turn off the fire. To avoid burns, it is possible to touch the heating cylinder only after natural cooling.

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel + Natural Wood
Model: 16 Cylinders (8 Heating Pipes + 8 Cooling Pipes)
Product Size: 21.5*10*16.5cm
Product Weight: 950g
Package Dimensions: 30 * 20 * 25cm
Package Weight: 1000g
Packaging: Cardboard box

The package includes:
1x Stirling Engine Model

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