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Stirling engine model with hot air

Stirling engine model with hot air

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Stirling engine model with hot air


- Metal precision model: Based on the principle of operation of the Stirling motor, the Stirling balancing motor runs fast with high power, heated only by an alcohol lamp. A safe, durable and all-metal engine model with a unique and unusual shape will be an amazing fashion gift and personal collection for fans.
- Reliable construction and operation: Thanks to an innovative design philosophy, the entire engine is designed taking into account the shape of the boiler, and the steam channel and base plate have an integrated design to ensure safety and durability. Working in combination with an alcohol lamp for heating and powering, the engine is able to run continuously for about 30 minutes.
- Sophisticated manufacturing technology: Made of H59 brass on the flywheel, power cylinder and mechanical piston, 6061 aluminum alloy on the boiler, base plate and connecting rod and SUS304 stainless steel on other parts, wear-resistant engine parts fit together with high precision. The surface will not fade for a long time due to oxidative treatment.
- Wide application: Stirling engine is a closed-cycle piston engine in which gas is periodically compressed and expanded at various temperatures due to external heating, available as a demonstration for teaching physics/mechanics, an ideal teaching aid for classroom and laboratory experiments, an impressive gift and demonstration, an amazing desktop decoration, etc.
- Excellent collection and gift: An intriguing and original mechanical craft with excellent visual texture and aesthetic appearance is ideal for teachers, children and technology lovers, available as a creative and impressive gift to friends and families, teachers and students for birthdays and Christmas.

Set the engine model to a horizontal position and turn the flywheel manually to check its smooth rotation. Add a little alcohol to the alcohol lamp, do not fill it too much and light the alcohol for safety reasons. Then slowly move the alcohol lamp under the heating end of the engine model to heat the engine model for 30 seconds, and turn the flywheel slightly until it starts to rotate automatically. Do not touch the heating element and the boiler during the heating process (high temperature!).

Technical specifications:

Material: Aluminum Alloy + Brass + Stainless steel
Flywheel: 40 mm (D)
Boiler: 38 mm (D), 64 mm (L)
Alcohol lamp: 24 mm (D), 41 mm (H)
Product dimensions: 15.3 x 7.5 x 11.5 cm
Product Weight: 517.5g
Package dimensions: 20.5 x 11.5 x 18.5 cm
Package Weight: 560g
Packaging: Graphic box
Age: 8+

Packing list
1 * Stirling Engine
1* Alcohol lamp
1 * Instructions
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