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Stirling engine tractor model

Stirling engine tractor model

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Stirling engine tractor model

Attention to high temperature (during operation and after operation)


- Made of high quality aluminum alloy, brass, stainless steel for long life.
- The large area of the product is made of aluminum alloy CNC, and four rounds use the red tomahawk wheel, the texture and quality are well guaranteed.
- The overall appearance is retro-styled, combined with the vacuum-fired Stirling machine as the power, the appearance and the engine sound are more realistic to the characteristics of retro machinery.
- Total of 90 parts, equipped with more than 100 stainless steel screws, manual full copper , it has two speed modes (D/N), one neutral and one forward.
- Fully simulated car rack-type steering mechanism, manual steering, greater mechanical fun.


- Steering Mode: Steering Wheel Manual Control
- Engine No-Load Speed Range: 500-2500r/min
- Fuel: Absolute Ethanol or 95% Alcohol
- Cylinder Oil: Advanced Sewing Machine Oil or 10 Industrial White Oil
- Lubricating Oil Filling Method: Drip (Oil Filling Port)
- Product Net Weight: 1.2KG

Size Chart:

Size(LxWxH): Approx. 22x11x12cm/8.66x4.33x4.72inch

Package Includes:

1 Piece Stirling Tractor
1 Pack of Accessories


Use the Tutorial:
1: Lift the head cover up.
2: Open the fuel tank cap and refuel.
3: Ignite the wick.
4: the lever back into neutral.
5: Continuously rotate the flywheel to start the engine. (When the temperature is below 10 °C, the cylinder will condense moisture. It is necessary to rotate the wick to rotate the wick for two minutes and then continuously rotate the flywheel to start).
6: Adjust the wick distance to let the engine reach the maximum speed, and drip the oil in the oil port.
7: Put down the head cover, the gear lever into the forward gear, and move the model.

The pseudo-real automobile steering mechanism has exceeded the model-level manufacturing level in both the design structure and the quality of the parts. For the first time, the steering gear structure adopts a fully-simulated automobile rack-and-pinion steering mechanism, manual steering, and manual gearbox in a domestic model, which enhances the fun of machinery.

Stirling engine tractor model

Stirling engine tractor model

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