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Su-47 Berkut fighter

Su-47 Berkut fighter

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Su-47 Berkut fighter

The Su-47 Berkut (NATO codification: Firkin) is a Russian experimental carrier—based fighter created at the Sukhoi Design Bureau (chief designer — M. Poghosyan). The fighter has a reverse sweep wing, composite materials were widely used in the airframe design.

The project was first developed as a promising model of a fighter with a reverse sweep wing for the USSR Air Force (modernization of the Su-27, C-37 theme) as part of an industry research program since 1983, but this topic was closed in 1988. After that, the USSR Navy became the customer of the project, which predetermined the further development of the project as a promising aircraft for aircraft-carrying cruisers. The project was renamed and received the name Su-27KM (modified ship). Subsequently, after the collapse of the USSR and the crisis in the country in the 1990s, state funding was withdrawn from the project, and it continued only thanks to the Sukhoi Design Bureau's own funding. As a result, after all the twists and turns, the aircraft was presented to the public at the MAKS-1999 exhibition under the name C-37 Berkut, and by MAKS-2001 it was renamed Su-47 Berkut. In 1997, the first flying copy of the Su-47 was built, now it is experimental.

In 2006-2007, after the modernization of the cargo compartment, the aircraft was involved in the program for the creation of the T-50 fighter project (later Su-57). The goal was to check the flaps and internal equipment of the compartment for operability in real flight conditions. The information received was actively used at the final stages of the creation of cargo compartments of the promising T-50 fighter.
The only copy is in the Museum of LIA. Gromova.

- A set of 2819 pieces of building blocks
- It measures 47.6 cm x 68.9 cm x 15.3 cm and weighs about 1.5 kilograms. The aircraft consists of 2208 parts, and the stand consists of 611, which makes the total number of parts 2819.
- High level of detail
- Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic. Harmless to the child's health.

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