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Tesla Music Box

Tesla Music Box

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Tesla Music Box

Easy to use, easy to operate; safe and risk-free;
no need to install a grounding wire, can be used directly;
no need to connect multiple power supplies, can use a direct connection to a 220V outlet; 
The arc length can be adjusted at will, up to 20 cm or more, and support music. The effect is that rectangular music can be played directly, and the arc can change to different arc sizes as the rhythm of the music changes; 
the volume is small, the structure is durable, it is convenient to carry.

How to use: First insert the plug into the base of the product and tighten the nut of the outer ring to prevent loosening; place the outlet needle on the top of the leveling ring of the product, and the upper part can extend the leveling ring by 2-3 cm; lay the cable flat, straight, do not overlap or tie knots, try not to dangle the cable; finally, turn the potentiometer counterclockwise to a minimum; just plug the plug into the outlet; when the light is off, it is in music mode. In music mode, you need to use a mobile phone or another player. In playback mode, connect the audio port on the side of the handle to the audio port of the phone with an audio cable; when the light is on, it is in normal mode, and you can directly turn the handle to adjust the arc size; you need to turn the product potentiometer to 0 before turning off.

Note: The product does not contain gas in a glass container. When using it, a discharge needle must be placed on the equalizing ring (the arc easily falls into the coil, and the quality is not guaranteed). Only rectangular music can be played, and regular music is recorded. Do not touch the coil or the alignment ring directly after turning on the device. The safe distance of the product is at least 0.5 m, it is recommended to look from a distance of 1 m or more. When opening or closing, the potentiometer must be in the 0 position.

This product can be used to teach demonstrations, explain knowledge about Tesla coils, or as a desktop technology decoration. This is more revealing. It is also suitable as a popular science educational gift for students and children.
Age: 12+

Technical specifications: 
Color: As the picture shows
Material: Metal + Acrylic + Electronic components
Size: 10 x 10 x 20 cm .
Product weight: 874 g. 
Package dimensions: 13 x 13 x 25 cm. 
The whole package: 1500 g. 
Packing : carton

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