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The newest 3D wooden puzzle - Chocolate factory

The newest 3D wooden puzzle - Chocolate factory

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The newest 3D wooden puzzle - Chocolate factory

Wooden constructors, unlike plastic analogues, are much safer for children under 3 years old. Yes, and for the younger preschool age, and for the younger school age, they also do not lose their relevance. Wooden constructors are universal, they help to develop a lot of useful skills.

Erudition — many wooden constructors, such as puzzles, not only entertain, but also “share" useful information. The more visual and tactile experience a child has, the faster his intellectual development will take place.

Logical thinking — to assemble a constructor from a tree, you first need to think through all your moves in advance. And this is pure logic. Learning by playing is an ideal formula for building strong emotional ties, which in the future will allow you to perceive any study in a positive way. Even performing complex tasks.
Color perception — with the help of multicolored details made of wood, you can study not only colors, but also shades.

Abstract thinking — forming new images in the imagination and embodying ideas with the help of wooden parts is just great!

Perseverance and attention — these skills will be especially useful for your baby or baby at school.

In addition to the above, any constructors, including wooden ones, simply help to make successful adults out of children. Yes, the price of any success is the ability not to deviate from the goal. And painstaking and somewhat monotonous work, if the child is used to not bringing it to the end, will help him to be more successful in adulthood.
Product Information

Assembly Size: 255*170*310 mm 
Package size: 317*233*68.5 mm 
Number of pieces: 420 pcs.
Assembly Time: About 7 hours
Recommended age: 14+
Weight: 1480g 
* Glue and Wax are not included, please prepare them yourself.
Since they are banned from international air transportation, we will not be able to send them. Please understand this. Instead of wax, you can use a candle. Thanks for understanding.
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