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UCS Sand Crawler

UCS Sand Crawler

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Sand Crawler

The Sand Crawler is a vehicle of the Java race from Star Wars. It was first shown in the movie "Star Wars. Episode IV: A New Hope."

It is a giant crawler-powered machine about 20 meters high and about 40 in length, serving as a mobile home-fortress for the whole Java clan. Java used a crawler to travel through the deserts of the planets Tatooine and Arvala-7. The crawler is equipped with a passenger compartment, a cargo compartment, a crew cabin, a thermonuclear steam engine, a scrap metal recycling shop, the crawler also has a magnetic tube capable of sucking scrap and droids inside. The crawlers were manufactured by Corellia Mining Corporation for metallurgical companies. When the companies left Tatooine, they abandoned the crawlers there and they were occupied by Java. For Java, the main occupation was trading droids, which they found, Java also engaged in metal smelting. The crawler could accommodate up to 1,500 droids

Technical specifications:
- In a set of 13168+ pieces of building blocks 

- 1 - lithium battery
- 6 - XL engines
- 1 - control panel
- Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic. Harmless to the child's health.
- Size: 95 x 38 x 70 cm

- Compatible with all major brands
Attention: This item comes without the original box (new in sealed packaging), so you can save time and money on shipping
Attention: This product may contain instructions or packaging written in another language, most likely in Chinese/Spanish, the instructions are easy to follow thanks to visual prompts.
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