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Vacuum Fire-Absorbing Stirling Engine Model

Vacuum Fire-Absorbing Stirling Engine Model

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Vacuum Fire-Absorbing Stirling Engine Model 

Start-up and warm-up. Ignite after filling alcohol into the fuel tank, adjust the flame position and turn the flywheel to warm up. Water droplets will be condensed at the suction port.
Resistance will occur when turning the flywheel due to the expansion of piston. Continuously turning the flywheel for one minute till the flywheel can rotate freely to start the model due to reduced resistance. The speed will be increased after 3 minutes. Blow out the flame after running for 12 to 20 minutes to cool down the model.
Maintenance and Disassemble. Disassembly for maintenance when the model cannot start up and run due to resistance occurrence.
Remove the exhaust pipe first and take out the copper piece, turn the flywheel to lower the copper push rod to the bottom dead center Gently push the copper piece out of the push rod and pull upward to move out the copper piece in the direction of the arrow for proper storage.
Loosen the cylinder fixing screws (lateral and vertical screws based on different batches) and move forward to disassemble the cylinder. Wipe the cylinder and piston with paper tissue and apply 3,000-mesh graphite powder evenly on the cylinder wall till it feels slippery. Then remove excess powder by paper tissue or blow until the dust is visible (residues will damage the model).

Then install the cylinder without tightening the fixing screws. Install the copper piece from the cylinder top and sleeve it onto the push rod. Slightly rotate the cylinder so that the copper piece can move up and down without resistance. Tight the fixing screws. Stainless steel cylinder elite version needn't to be disassembled for maintenance with special lubricating oil
Standard installation positions of main components (no need to make further adjustment).
Standard adjustment positions of push rod and copper piece
Note: To adjust the angle of push rod, the position of rocker arm and cam should conform with the drawing.
Consumables and replacement criteria
Since the copper piece on the model and the high-speed movement for a certain period of time will result in larger mounting hole due to the vertical instantaneous transformation torque between the copper piece and push rod. The copper piece should be replaced in time if the mounting hole has been in a large ellipse

Package Contents:
1 x Stirling engine model

Only the above package content, other products are not included.
Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.
Vacuum Fire-Absorbing Stirling Engine ModelVacuum Fire-Absorbing Stirling Engine Model
Vacuum Fire-Absorbing Stirling Engine ModelVacuum Fire-Absorbing Stirling Engine ModelVacuum Fire-Absorbing Stirling Engine ModelVacuum Fire-Absorbing Stirling Engine Model
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